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2009-04-08 06:40:15 by zman295

Srrry i'm late But who cares? Who's looking forward to the easter chocolate orgy?

april fools

2009-04-01 04:21:52 by zman295

Who fell for the april fools? Also , does the submissions page work again?


2009-04-01 01:44:42 by zman295

does anyone know what happened to the submissions page?

my games

2009-03-31 02:01:30 by zman295

i just submitted a new game! hope it and my last one get showcased


2009-03-30 05:28:55 by zman295

please only put decent comments on here

my life on newsgrounds

2009-03-30 03:23:32 by zman295

I submitted my first game travels of stickman heres a quick link to the software i